813 Saint Emanuel St
Houston, Texas 77003

The band entered the music industry in early '99s touring with Fear Factory. The band caught many people's attention and some even say they outplayed Fear Factory. Their debut album, Wisconsin Death Trip, has gone gold. Easily recognized by singer Wayne Static's treasure troll hair, the band is certainly one to watch in the next few years. Static-X, a band with a rockin' sound and a solid fan-base. Keep Disco Evil! A dynamic blend of old-school heavy metal, death metal, hardcore and '80s thrash, Shadows Fall takes elements from each genre and revitalizes them, making them utterly contemporary. The Canadian sextet Three Inches of Blood evokes a throwback to heavy metal's youthful 1980s heyday. The band's Iron Maiden-like galloping riffs and solos are speeded up to thrash metal tempos, topped with "Dungeons & Dragons" styled lyrics and titles such as 'Destroy the Orcs' and 'Ride Darkhorse, Ride.' Their latest is 'Advance and Vanquish.'

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