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Ted Shelton, The Conversation Group, and Founder, Personal Bee

This month we're delighted to have Ted Shelton talk about two topics: starting a company and conversational marketing.

Ted Shelton founded a new participatory media platform called The Personal Bee in 2005, a service that presents news, including blog posts and other social media, in a personalized way, by human editors and/or automation. In 2007 Technorati, a premier blog search engine, acquired The Personal Bee.

Out of the Technorati relationship, Ted and 3 other thought leaders in social media formed The Conversation Group, a global communications consultancy devoted to the art, science and practical application of social media. The Conversation Group helps companies understand social media concepts, and use blogs, wikis, events, social networking websites and other tools to maintain ongoing relationships with their customers, users, partners, and industry influencers including bloggers and the press.

Join us to hear a startup story, and how to incorporate social media into your startup efforts!




Ted has a long history as an entrepreneur - Prior to founding The Personal Bee he spent time as COO of Orb Networks, Inc; as CEO and co-founder of The Dr. Spock Company; CEO of Israeli-based Neta4 Technologies; and was the first outside executive recruited to WhoWhere? Inc., the eighth-largest Web property in audience reach at the time it was acquired by Lycos in 1998. From 2000 through 2003 Ted served as the chief strategy officer for Borland Software Corporation, helping to reposition Borland as a strategic vendor of life-cycle development infrastructure from its prior history as a tactical vendor of development tools. Ted also founded IT Solutions, Inc., a software development company focused on the NeXT computer.

$15 at the door for non-SDForum members, no charge for SDForum members.

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