920 SW Third (between Taylor & Salmon)
Portland, Oregon 97204

Join Oregon's entrepreneurs Thursday evening March 19th at 5:00 PM at NedSpace (920 SW Third, between Taylor and Salmon) to explore and answer the question "What Would Your Startup Do With $250,000 in 2009?"

In the last 6 months the economy, access to capital, the cost of talent and the opportunities for innovation have all changed. We think it’s time for the relationship between entrepreneurs and the State of Oregon to change, too (the state needs jobs & entrepreneurs need capital!).

Hear stories of successful, local homegrown companies that have either bootstrapped or raised funds and then grown themselves to success.

Most importantly, though, the goal of this event is to prove to the State of Oregon that there are enough jobs, compelling ideas and entrepreneurs to warrant an immediate investment of $100,000,000 for start ups that want to hire local talent.

We are working to raise a $100M fund that makes small investments in Oregon-based companies who hire Oregon-based employees. Now, in 2009. Not next year or some point in the future. In growing these new startups, we are investing in innovation, creating jobs and building Oregon’s brand with innovators and entrepreneurs.

Please be prepared to answer the following questions:

- Could your company hire $250,000 worth of Oregon-based talent in 2009 to get it to the next level?
- What could your company achieve during 2009 with a $250,000 investment?
- How many new jobs would be created if 400 new Oregon startups were funded?
- How would you like to see $100,000,000 invested in Oregon startups?

Brought to you in part by Capybara Ventures, NW Technology Ventures, NedSpace, Oregon Angel Fund, Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, Reference Capital, Software Association of Oregon and Starve Ups.

NedSpace is proud to host an Oregon entrepreneurial startup event during this unparalleled time of economic chaos.disruption. Be a part of this unparalleled movement!

//Contact Information//
Wayne Embree - [email protected], 503.619.4310
Josh Friedman - [email protected], 503.705.7975
Mark Grimes - [email protected], 503.502.0185
Harvey Mathews - [email protected], 503-999-5849

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Oregon Harvey

Anyone who has ever heard that "Oregon doesn't have good investment opportunities" or "We haven't had a good exit" or "Portland entrepreneurs are lazy" should come and see for themselves.

This is exactly what we need to jump this dip: entrepreneurs, jobs and a tight community!


Disappointed that I'll be out of town for this event. Great idea and I can't wait to hear what comes out of it.


This looks like a great way to spend a few hours. I recommend that my peers in the startup community attend!


I'm disappointed that I've got a conflict that night...keep us posted on how it goes and what the next event is going to be.


This, by chance, won't be web-casted for those that will be either traveling or not physically in Portland, will it?


Same question as PDXfunds.. I'm in Bend, would love to hear the success stories but have a conflict. Any chance of a broadcast?


This is excellent event for star up.


Hey all, we're looking into the possibility of web casting and will do it if it's at all doable.

Looking forward to seeing everyone here.


Hello everyone. I will be working to provide a live stream of the event.

Live Stream will be: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/startup-now


Thnx so much for doing the two camera web video stream Joe (Blaze Streaming Media: blazestreaming.com), that's just great. Much appreciated and a big thank you.


Also thanks to Joe Landry for doing audio! www.antichayproductions.