425 Second St., #300
San Francisco, California 94107

This is no meat market.

Instead of lurking around and begging for attention, be inspired by the cool projects startups are working on and find the right fit.

30 hiring companies will present Ignite style for 5 minutes each on what they are working on & the culture of their company. If you like what they are about, you can interview with them in real-time during a 10 minute interview slot directly after their talk.


For talented people:

The Startup Job Demo event is for you - talented developers, engineers, designers, product managers, project managers, to meet the best startup companies in Silicon Valley.

Think of it as a thought provoking Ignite Talk where each talk is a job opportunity, an inspiring project waiting for you to make it happen.


For super cool startup companies and recruiters:

Think of it as a demo opportunity where you can meet the best and the brightest in Silicon Valley.

You will get 5 minutes to show off. Tell everyone about your cool startups, your culture, cool opportunities and inspiring projects.

Think of it as an Ignite Talk where you have to chance to inspire a room full of eager job candidates wanting to work for you.


Added by anamoony on June 9, 2010