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Ready to craft your startup's financial model but overwhelmed by the process and cost of this daunting exercise?

Consider joining our Financial Roadmap Bootcamp and get it done. You will work with financial modeling expert, Anthony Nassar, founder of Venture Momentum, Inc. The Bootcamp includes two 4-hour one-on-one sessions with Anthony to develop your revenue model, and three 4-hour group sessions to complete your expense model, produce and validate your financial plan.
You will use the VMI Financial Roadmap, a robust framework containing the core elements of a financial plan, so you can dive right into the specifics of your model without having to worry about creating many of the generic reports, and formulas which constitute the foundation of your Roadmap. You can learn more about the VMI Financial Roadmap on Venture Momentum's website.

If you invest the necessary time and effort, complete the assignments and provide the information requested in the Bootcamp, we will help you develop the revenue model and code the formulas in the Roadmap so that, by the end of the Bootcamp, you will not only have a revenue model, which is the most challenging component of your financial plan, but you will also have a powerful financial model you can use.

Armed with a robust Roadmap, you will be empowered to:

1 - Assess the feasibility of your business concept
2 - Formulate your team's vision and quantify your business model
3 - Determine your startup's cash requirements
4 - Establish financial objectives for your team and set benchmarks to measure the performance of your startup
5 - Provide financial data for your business plan
6 - Tell your story to the outside world: Investors, Lenders, Business Partners, Auditors, etc.
7 - Monitor and adjust your business model as experience is gained in the field

In order the achieve successful results, you should be prepared to commit a minimum of 50 hours including the 5 Bootcamp sessions.

$2,995 per company attending - maximum 3 per company.

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