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London, England

Startup Essentials User Group SE08

A regular monthly meet up, different to all the other events out there. The Startup Essentials 2008 is open platform that has been set up to allow group members to take a proactive role it getting the support required to help them grow their Startup or IT business. With an open platform you decide what is relevant and

* Finding resources both technical or other.
* Arrange guest speakers.
* Organise demos to public.
* Effective PR to raise your profile.
* Help with Sun startup essentials.
* Getting Investment ready.
* Prepare and present to Investors.

Thursday November 13th

18:30 - Late (Coffee, Water, Beer,Pizza all available)

Meeting Agenda

6.30 - Registration/Networking

7.00 - Paul Dowling - RD Tax Credits for Startups

The Government R&D credit scheme is a very effective way of getting tax relief for innovation. It is the single largest way the government has of helping SME's with funding. However, the scheme is much understood and greatly under-utilised. Paul's company GGTC helps clients to claim on a no win, no fee basis.

Paul will also talk about how his other firm Dreamstake helps to incubate start-ups and other early stage companies

7.30 - Paul Robinson - CTO For Hire

'You might have found great developers, amazing infrastructure engineers and inspirational support personnel to help your ideas bloom, but have you thought through what happens if systems or procedures fail? Or if you need to scale quickly? What happens if you need to change your business model overnight? Do you have the right processes, checks and people to make sure your technology business "just works".

Paul Robinson from Vagueware Ltd runs through some issues common to businesses his firm helps every day, and gives you a checklist to run through tomorrow morning to make sure your technology - and your business - is ready for what comes next.'

8.00 - 9.00 Mini BarCamp

Two breakout sessions, Technology and Commercial

With Pizza and Beer to feed the conversation

Location: London Sun Customer Briefing Centre http://uk.sun.com/aboutsun/location/map-london-1.html

Official Website: http://uk.sun.com/startups

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