300 NW 10th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97209

So this is the first edition of Startup Drinks Portland
If you like to talk startups or are involved in any thing startup related please join us for some drinks.

Its for people with a startup problem who like to drink ;)

Totally open to alternate Date, Time and venue. Please post a comment.

Official Website: http://portland.startupdrinks.com

Added by dodeja on May 30, 2008



Where else can we drum up a few people from?


We will be coming. sorry for whoring out my site but thought you guys might like to see what we are doing socialmonks.com i look forward to meeting up with you guys!


my site is www.metroseeq.com, just launched!


btw, it's a Local Search Engine that finds Offline Deals ;)

be sure to visit before you spend full price on restaurants


Can we get this going again?