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Next SDG meetup will be held in Korjaamo. Join us to talk about databases with beer. Miku (Mikael Kopteff) will be giving introduction to the topic. I hope that won`t be a monologue! Let`s make this as conversational as possible (includes cutting Miku out after 15min). Here is how Miku introduces us to his presentation:

Alternate object persistence systems

Relational databases are the de-facto standard persistence systems for modern applications written in object-oriented languages. The use of these tools is usually justified by the use of SQL, standardized toolsets and abstraction from the programming language. The usage of a relational database still creates a impedance mismatch problem between the relational data model and an object-oriented language, that is traditionally solved with ORM-tools or manual object-to-relational mapping. As an introduction to the SDG I’ll go through some of the alternatives for relational databases, mainly object databases. The idea of this session is to have a discussion about these alternative systems and the benefits they might offer.

The introduction will include the following topics:

-What is object persistence?
-What are object databases?
-What does an application benefit from an object database?
-Differences between object databases and ORM tools
-What other persistence solutions are available?
-Different use cases for persistence systems?

Official Website: http://startupdevelopersgathering.wordpress.com/

Added by Antti Vilpponen on August 11, 2008