This is a special get together where startups exchange knowledge about technologies and conventions. The idea is also to show students how cool it is to run and work in a startup.


13.00-13.15 Opening

13.15-13.45 SCRUM in startups

Speaker: Lare Lekman is CTO of Starwreck.

13.45-14.15 Amazon web-services

Speaker: Jani Luostarinen working as System Administrator at Floobs.

14.15-14.45 NETWORKING and coffee Sponsored by HAAGA-HELIA!!!

14.45-15.15 Friend invites on different platforms

Speaker: Joakim Achren is founder and CEO of Ironstar Helsinki (MoiPal)

15.15-15.45 Developing apps on social platfoms (

Speaker: Taro Morimoto is CTO of Zipipop

15.15-16.00 End

Startup developer party @ TBA... starting around 9 or something. Hopefully free beer! If you have extra marketing budget at your company contact me. We are looking for sponsors!

Floobies will live stream the event.

RSVP here or FB!

Added by Kai Lemmetty on April 24, 2008


Tuija Aalto

I suppose Ratapihantie rather that ratakatu?