NIMHANS Convention center
BANGALORE, Karnataka

Emerging Technology Leaders of Tomorrow:

t is said good things come in small packages. There are over 800 startup companies in Bangalore alone. There are several others across India. If their number is an eyebrow raiser, the technologies they work on are a mindblower. The sad reality is that most of us have no clue of the cutting edge technology development that happens in our own city!

You will find several of these 'cool startups' at the SmartTechie Starup City. You can meet star engineers from these companies and see how they built cutting edge products.

We invite you to attend the unique event. Registration is absolutely FREE. Over here, you’ll hear companies you have probably not heard. Come, find out what do they do and the promise they hold.

You bet! Startups are always a nice place to work in.

And for those of you who are thinking of starting a business, or already in business and looking to network, you've come to the right place.

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