110 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, California 90095-1481

Startonomics is a one-day conference aimed at equipping you with metrics and models for success. (http://startonomics.com)

Hear from founders and funders of LA (and the Valley's) most successful web startups about how to set and measure metrics for startup success.

Whether you’re launching a new startup, building a new product, or just in ‘concept’ mode – you’ll learn from veterans who’ve been there, done that, and won.

What You’ll Learn:
• Product Design & Development
• Online Marketing and Customer Acquisition
• Building to scale: Grow up Without Blowing Up
• Funding Hacks: Founders and the VCs who Backed Them
• Pitch, Package, Partner: How Big Media Co’s and Startups Can Build Lasting Relationships
• And more (check out the sessions at http://startonomics.com!)

Join us! Get your ticket here: http://startonomics.com

Official Website: http://startonomics.com

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