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What's A Start-up Clinic?
You've developed a great technology that's generated a lot of interest. You've assembled a powerful team with a great track record. You've locked up your IP. You've written a first-rate business plan and you're ready to talk to investors.

Are you sure? Attending a Start-up Clinic at the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge is a great way to test your readiness, learn exactly what investors are looking for and how they make decisions, and learn from live case presentations how to fine-tune your plan and your presentation. Through our Start-up Clinics, two pre-selected companies present their business plans and receive feedback from a panel of experts and the audience over an informal dinner.

The panel acts as a Board of Directors for an evening and provides feedback and potential solutions to challenges faced by early stage entrepreneurs based on their own professional experiences and expertise.

Two Biotech Case Presentations:

Altura Diagnostics- Joe Straight
Altura Diagnostics, located in Boston, MA is developing a new approach in nanowire biosensors for point-of-care, multiplex, multi-analyte biomarker detection. The combination of a near-term product opportunity with a new and more capable diagnostic technology platform provides Altura with the potential to validate its approach quickly and capitalize on a continuing stream of future products. The Company’s nano-Field Effect Transistor (nano-FET) based diagnostic platform synergistically couples nanowire technology with industry standard CMOS compatible semiconductor manufacturing processes. Altura’s nano-FET platform achieves nanoscale enhanced sensitivity plus all the advantages of microelectronic scaling and on-chip signal processing. Altura has exclusively licensed nano-FET technology from Yale University.

I2chem-Jim Little
Revolutionizing the Chemical Lab and Development Chain for Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
-Different discovery, development and production
platforms slow and complicate scale-up
-I2chem’s integrated continuous process platforms accelerate translation of discoveries into development and production.

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