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It’s title is loaded – simultaneously ambiguous, intimate, troubled, and peaceful. It evokes the power with which romance is able to eclipse everything that conspires to destroy it, and also the residue of sadness that remains in the calm aftermath of conflict. Five Ghosts, the name of Stars’ fifth, newest – and, without question, best – full-length album, is mysterious, grand, and multi-faceted. Which is fitting, because the marvelous songs collected under that name are as well. Each and every one of them. “What is the darkest possible situation that I could try to turn into a beautiful pop song?” Stars frontman Torquil Campbell asks. “That was sort of my mission with this record. If you could make horror movies that were like love stories, that would be my ultimate genre.” Which isn’t to say that Five Ghosts is dark or difficult music. On the contrary, it may be the most nakedly euphoric-sounding collection the band has made yet.


Added by monikaatnta on August 24, 2010