1519 State Route 903
Jim Thorpe, PA, Pennsylvania 18229

It's been 12 years since the Alpha Quadrant defeated the Dominion war machine. The accusations of Starfleet treachery, attempted genocide, and a murder plot that pulled the Romulans into that bloody conflict is still felt today.

Border skirmishes along the Neutral Zones, the Klingon Empire on the verge of civil war. The Romulan Empire, though devastated by the loss of their home system under mysterious circumstances, has only become more aggressive in their desperation. Disorder and chaos on the fringes have erupted in a flood of opportunists openly attacking Federation vessels. The peace bought at such a dear price over a decade ago may have only postponed the inevitable, War.

Join us once more, as we travel to the 24th century to determine the fate of the quadrant for the next generation.

The paintball game itself will be held Saturday Oct 1 from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM at Skirmish Paintball fields in the Pocono Mountains. Cost for the game will be $25.00, which includes gun and mask rentals.

A pre game "Sim" played online will be held for the two months prior to the game. We will be using an online forum to perform ship functions and all players are encouraged to register their crews and ships for this Deep Space encounter. If you don't have a ship or don't belong to a crew just contact us and we can help you find a crew to join.

We usually stay the weekend as there are always after game parties hosted by different ships to attend. We have several options for places to stay, the first Big Boulder and Jack Frost Mountain just minutes from the field. We have special discounts set up for this weekend and you just need to let them know you are with the Star Trek group for those discounted rates.

Official Website: http://tempest9703.com

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