1519 State Route 903
Jim Thorpe, PA, Pennsylvania 18229

Announcing... the rebirth of The Star Trek Paintball games!

What: Paintball (with Star Trek and other Sci-Fi themes) AND a Partying Weekend in the Poconos!
When: May 3, 2008 (and if you are so inclined, an entire weekend getaway from Friday, May 2 to Sunday, May 4, 2008)
Where: Skirmish Paintball, Jim Thorpe, PA
Who: YOU and 50 or more of your closest Star Trek/Sci-Fi Paintball and Partying Friends!
Why: Because Star Trek/Sci-Fi , Paintball, and Partying go perfect together... :)

How: It's all very simple! For all the info and to be placed on the mailing list, just email Allan Seebach, who is Pete's younger, better-looking stunt double, at:

CaptainQuentagh (at) hotmail (dot) com

Allan Seebach and the USS Warhammer are organizing "Star Trek Paintball", and revitalizing the big "Star Trek Paintball" games that have been going on for over 10 years. At their zenith with Petey Christopoulos and the USS Tempest running the games, "Star Trek Paintball" in the Poconos drew as many as 200 players! Players in these games take on the personas of any of the major/minor factions within the Star Trek universe or any other Sci-Fi universe. It is limited only by your imagination.

Allan and his group intend to bring back the big "Star Trek Paintball" game, which will have themed games featuring Star Trek and other Sci-Fi worlds. The USS Warhammer have put together this webpage, which has some of the information about their "Star Trek Paintball" games, so please visit:


The info on the page will be updated frequently, particularly with the people that are going, so check back often.

Allan and crew would like a tentative headcount of players by March 1, so that they can tell the field about how many people to expect. To register to play, please email Allan (CaptainQuentagh (at) hotmail (dot) com) with your name, ship name (if applicable), and anyone else that will be attending with you. While the count won't be set in stone yet, please make your list as accurate as possible so he can get a reasonable headcount.

And the Price to play Paintball... well, it's only about $10 for the Gun Rental, Mask, and Field Pass to play ALL DAY!! The exact price is to be determined after the headcount is complete, but that's been the price in the recent past. You will need to buy Paintballs for the gun (and that price varies depending upon how much you intend to shoot), and you can rent a camouflage jumpsuit for about $6 (?), if you wish, so that your clothes don't get dirty (or just wear something that you don't care to get messy).

And onto the "Partying Portion of the Program"... :)

If you are interested in spending the weekend in the Poconos, there are some beautiful cabins located very close to Skirmish paintball. The USS Warhammer rents THREE of them, some holding as many as 20 comfortably (yeah, these are BIG ski chalets, with many bedrooms, beds, and baths), so they alone bring 40+ people to hang out and party for the weekend. The USS Bounty rents a cabin, and we bring another 12-18 people. So, there is much partying and merriment to be had on Friday and Saturday nights. Oh yeah, and many of the cabins have HOT TUBS... :)

The cabin rental info is located at the "StarTrekPaintball" site above, or you can go directly to this link (and look under the "Lake Harmony Estates" heading):

www.prr1.com (this is the website for the rental agency that we deal with)

The cabins are a little more spread out then at Jack Frost, the previous location of the Star Trek Paintball games. We recommend staying close to Cabin 909, which is Party Central (the big Warhammer 20-person cabin). Many of the ones numbered in the lower 800's, 900's or 1000's are in the area with the main Warhammer cabin. The contact at the rental agency is Maryanne Soriano (800-444-3721, ext. 13), and she is very nice and will guide you to the perfect cabin for your group. Her contact info is also on the Warhammer site and the rental property site.

Questions?? Contact Allan! CaptainQuentagh (at) hotmail (dot) com

Official Website: http://www.geocities.com/startrekpaintball

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