Stanford, California

Famous as America's "deadline poet," Calvin Trillin has been a gadfly in verse for The Nation since 1990, delighting readers with his rhyming observations on the news of the day. A staff writer for The New Yorker since 1963 and columnist for Time magazine, Trillin has traveled America's highways and byways to keep his finger on the nation's pulse (and its palate). One of the most stylish and humorous of contemporary food writers, his articles have an uncanny way of revealing as much about what people are thinking and feeling as what they are eating. His seventeen books and two critically acclaimed one-man shows at the American Place Theatre have brought him renown as a most gifted and irreverent wit. A native of Kansas City, he attended Yale University, served as chairman of the Yale Daily News, and became a member of Scroll and Key before graduating in 1957. He was a trustee of Yale University and is currently a trustee of the New York Public Library. He is married, has two daughters, and lives in Greenwich Village.

Calvin Trillin will be interviewed by Alan Acosta, a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist who is Associate Vice President and Director of University Communications at Stanford.

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