31 Gresse Street
London, England W1T 1QY

A free HTML5 meetup the day after @Media featuring short talks on the nitty gritty of HTML5, tales from the frontline, the controversies, the agonies and the ecstasies.

Speakers include Dean Edwards, Steve Faulkner, Bruce Lawson, Molly E. Holzschlag, Remy Sharp and more to be announced.

There's room for 30 people sitting and 30 standing so first come first serve. Please only stick your name down if you know you can make it so others can register.

Further details and announcements on http://www.standards-next.org (coming soon). You can also keep up to date via the mailing list at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/standards-next/.

Added by hennyswan on May 7, 2009



One thing to be aware of is that (I believe thanks to the pub standards massive) the Bricklayers is pretty well known now and can get rammed pretty quickly.

Have you reserved an area (they did for us once but have since not let us) or just hoping to turn up and crowd people out (not as easy as it used to be)??


Hi theCSSdiv - we have indeed booked the upstairs area. They were fine doing this as it was the day time rather than the evening. That said thanks for the heads up as I'll ring and triple check before the day.


Hi Folks,

We're looking for anyone who may have a projector and board that we could borrow fro the event. Any ideas would be great.

Thanks, Henny



might have a projector but no board - not 100% sure yet (delayed orders), but a possibility, will know closer to the date.



That would be great - thanks!


no probs ;) will keep you posted :)

(no board though.....)


Hi Henny ;)
about the projector - I've got one but it's huge.... :'(
wouldn't fancy carrying it around to be honest - could do if absolutely needed....

please let me know ;)


Hi Prisca,

Thanks so much for your kind offer but we have a projector and screen now - phew!



Henny, excellent ;)
... & see you later then :)