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SWORD AND STAGE COMBAT WITH FIGHTMASTER ANTHONY DE LONGIS (May 14 & 15 2005) Guard Up invites you to take an all day seminar with actor and fightmaster Anthony De Longis. Anthony has worked on Highlander the Series, Batman Returns, the Rundown, Sinbad, and Secondhand Lions. He has also taught many seminars on stage combat and has produced excellent instructional videos such as "Rapier for Stage and Screen," "Broadsword for Stage and Screen," and "Mastering the Bullwhip." Anthony is currently slated to perform with Jet Li in his latest project with Director Ronny Yu and legendary Hong Kong choreographers Yuen Woo Ping and his brother Yuen Chang Yuen.

Anthony's skill as a martial artist has been developed over the course of his professional life. A collegiate saber champion and student of the sword for over 35 years, Anthony trained with Olympian and Hollywood sword maestro Ralph Faulkner as well as martial arts legend Guro Dan Inosanto for over a dozen years each. Anthony continues to hone and apply his martial skills in today's Western Martial Arts community, having studied with Maestro Ramon Martinez, the leading expert in the Spanish system of the rapier known as La Verdadera Destreza. From this association, he has worked with Maestro Martinez to produce a number of DVDs illustrating both the Spanish and Italian rapier systems with his company Palpable Hits productions. In addition, Anthony recently taught a very well attended seminar on the basics of handling the bullwhip at the 2004 Western Martial Arts Workshop.

Guard Up is pleased to offer these two one-day seminars on sword and stagecraft taught by Anthony De Longis. Each workshop will begin with a presentation by Anthony describing his experiences working as both an actor and as a fightmaster on stage and screen and how he always works from the seed of combative truth to tell his character's story. This will be followed by several hours of instruction on Anthony's approach to the fundamentals of stage combat. He will focus on the "ribbons of truth" that connect "co-operative energy," the heart of theatrical story telling, and "combative energy," that is the essential application of efficient martial skill.

The workshop will conclude with a Q&A session with Anthony, followed by a brief autograph session. Space is limited and pre-registration is required, so please contact us to reserve your spot for this rare opportunity!

Registration Form - $150 Preregistered, $200 after May 1.

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