Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Stack Overflow Dev Days

We are super excited to announce 5 new cities to the Stack Overflow Dev Day events. So not only are we hitting, San Francisco 19th Oct 2009, Seattle 21st Oct 2009, Toronto 23rd Oct 2009, Washington DC 26th Oct 2009, London 28th Oct 2009, we are delighted to announce, Boston 7th Oct 2009, Austin 14th Oct 2009, Los Angeles 16th Oct 2009, Cambridge UK 30th Oct 2009 and Amsterdam 2nd Nov 2009.

A full day of inspiration and learning for developers, bought to you by the team behind and FogBugz. Lunch is provided so you'll have plenty of time to hang out and meet other developers. Hope you can join us.


android, objective c, iphonesdk, google-app engine, jquery,, fogbugz, python, javascript, mercurial, dvcs

Speakers include:

Joel Spolsky - Co Founder of Stack Overflow

Jeff Atwood - Lead Developer Stack Overflow

and many more...

Official Website:

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