59 JFK Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts

"Redline Fridays / 59 JFK Street, Harvard Square, Cambridge

21+ 10pm House music afrobeat neo soul dub and anything else that's music to
our ears.."

Added by Clampants on November 3, 2005



A little bit of info, from Craig Kapilow:

"Redline Fridays presents our fourth and final guest DJ of 2005, the one and
only Stacey Pullen. In the thirteen years that I've spent going out to
dance clubs, a handful of DJ sets still bring a smile while sending a shiver
down my spine. Laurent Garnier's classic 1999 WMC set in Miami springs to
mind as does Kruder & Dorfmeister's K&D Sessions DJ tour date. Richie
Hawtin's Boston debut blew my mind, as did Francois K and Derrick May
(Stacey's mentor) tag teaming at PS1 last summer. One performance though
particularly stood out from the rest, simply because it perfectly closed an
event that genuinely captured the spirit of a city. Detroit, the spiritual
home of techno, or dance music's mecca, if you will, finally achieved
recognition for creating this beautiful music by throwing a festival right
in the heart of downtown. Supposedly, a million people attended the free
outdoor event, creating a vibe that was unparalleled. Just about every
techno legend graced the decks that weekend, from Juan Atkins to Theo
Parrish to Basic Channel. Of the sets, none stood out quite like Stacey
Pullen's. Given the prestigious honor of closing the opening night, Stacey
absolutely tore the place apart. He created a mesmerizing, magical set that
was vintage Stacey - maestro-like technical trickery accentuating a
dizzyingly diverse selection of tracks. For fans of techno, this was the
moment we had all been waiting for. Here's some info on Stacey. I rarely
rave about a DJ, but please try to make it - he's that good."

paul irish

$5 cover.