3601 Lyon St.
San Francisco, California 94123

Electrum is Alberta Chu's documentary about the Electrum project: a collaboration between Greg Leyh, engineer from Lightning on Demand (LOD) in San Francisco, and Eric Orr, sculptor.

This event is a benefit to support the recovery of Todd Blair: a long time member of Survival Research Labs who was severely injured during take-down after an SRL show in Amsterdam.

The evening will feature:

SRL Loves L.A.: -a documentary courtesy of David Calkins

The movie ELECTRUM and after the movie Q&A from Greg Leyh.

An assortment of snack type food and drink to enjoy.

Some classic electricity Exploratorium exhibits.

Lightning has fascinated man from the earliest times, inspiring both awe and fear. At the turn of the century, scientist Nikola Tesla developed his Tesla coil: an electrical current generator that he envisioned as a potential power source, shooting lightning into the air to be pulled down by energy customers around the world.

Almost a century later, artist Eric Orr was commissioned to build a huge sculpture that would throw magnificent lightning bolts. He turned to high-voltage engineer Greg Leyh for help, and the result was the largest Tesla coil in the world - a tower four stories high that generates three million volts of electricity and 40-foot bolts of lightning. So often we think of science and art as being irreconcilable opposites. This program proves the reverse: Electrum is a fascinating opportunity to explore the relationship between technology and art, and meet the people who see beyond the ordinary.

Official Website: http://www.pixelfacade.com/todd/

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