1114 Howell St.
Seattle, Washington 98101

.....Vacuum vs. Secrets.....
(Detroit.NYC / Blank Artists )

VACUUM - Detroit / Guys On Drugs, Blank Artists [ Live P.A. ]

GRINDLE – Seattle / Earconscious/Knightriders [ DJ Traktor set ]

SECRETS – Detroit, NYC / Blank Artists, Galaxy Sound Co [ Ableton Disco edits set ]

DJ H.M.A. – Seattle / Trouble Dicso [ DJ Set ]

Heads up!
Saturday January 9th
Knightriders: http://bit.ly/squeal_KR
Event Info: http://bit.ly/Squeal_NW
Facebook RSVP: http://bit.ly/Squeal_FB
Secrets BUNKER Mix: http://bit.ly/Secrets_bunker
UR Interview: http://bit.ly/Matt_Blank

Official Website: http://bit.ly/squeal_KR

Added by KnightRiders on January 5, 2010



Knightriders, Trouble Dicso & Eleminow all pull forces to continue to
bring you a sensational intimate dance party experience .
These crews are currently holding down Fridays and Saturdays at ReBar
and are collaborating to make this a night to remember.

Fueled by the original creators and masters and motivated by new
emerging sounds of the Seattle scene each of these promoters combine
visuals, lighting, and a inspiring sound selection, as well as
providing an unique intimate setting and connection to the DJ. The
energy shared is taken into consideration when producing events to
allow each night to have the most one of a kind thumbprint available.


Knightriders join up with Blank Artists’ Matt Abott to make you
“Squeal” Jan 9th at Seattle’s Infamous ReBar! Matt goes under the
alias’s Secrets, Vacuum, and is 1/2 of Guys On Drugs (GOD). Haling
From DETROIT TO BROOKLYN Matt makes his way to Seattle for not one,
but 2 sets! Preforming under both of his alias Secrets & Vacuum.Starting things off with his Secrets disco alias, expect nothing less
than the groovy trippy tunes that fueled the best parties from Studio
54 and the Warehouse mixed with his favorite current wave of
underground .

Everything will have it’s own unique “Abott” touch as he ingests tons
of Italia Disco and Rare Groove and regurgitates them into his special
sauce with a reconstructed take on each.
Matt is the inspiration for Seth Troxler (rumored to be a new silent
member of Guys On Drugs) and Derek Plaslaiko.
Going back into the 90’s he created the legendary 3rd wave Detroit CPM
color parties and is the original Face Melter and Rider of The Snake.
Matt is the acid that makes the videos by Eric Wareheim seem tame (as
seen here:http://www.vimeo.com/ericwareheim) and the inspiration for
Check out some of Matt’s insane flier design and theme parties here :

Matt is a super talented guy you’ll be hearing a lot about, and NYC is
very lucky to have him as he’s recently transplanted from Detroit via
a short stint in Oakland last Spring.
Here is Secrets from the Bunker. This set was recorded live at Kiss & Tell
Amongst the disco classics in this set are a ton of his own edits:


Grindle will provide Secrets with an intermission and time to
transform into Vacuum.
Vacuum is part sleazy Heavy Metal drums and riffs with equal disco
claps, shiny synth stabs and sleazy funk, a genre of it’s own in
Detroit called “Rape House”.

Matt’s first release as Secrets :
“”HOMESICK” http://www.blankartists.com/blnk16.html

Tracks as Vacuum:
“GIBSON’S REVENGE” http://www.blankartists.com/blnk8.html

“SHOOTING BLUE” : http://www.blankartists.com/blnk5.html

Earconscious interview with Matt from last year:

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