101 4th Street
San Francisco, California 94103

This is the 1st Annual Spymac member meetup. If you are a Spymac member in San Francisco or are attending Macworld, you're invited to chill with us at the Sony Metreon. We'll meet outside of the Moscone South Entrance at 5:30PM (I'll be wearing a spymac shirt) and we'll walk over the the metreon for an early dinner / snack.

There are a few dining options and I'll leave that up to the group.

Please RSVP here or jus show up! My real name is Adam Jacckson and this is another event sponsored by DailyTechTalk.com and co-sponsored by Spymac.com

By the way, all atendees will get a metal Spymac logo pin to put on their jackets or hats while supplies last and I can't guarantee everyone will get a pin.

Official Website: http://macworld.dailytechtalk.com

Added by adamjackson1984 on December 13, 2006



My RSVP is still tentative. I still have to wait to see what my buddies plans are. Also, I may have an early morning court date the next day. :-(


That's ok. Good luck with the court thing! Just having a general count will be helpfull.


I'll be there!


Awesome! This is going to be fun! I guess I'll be seeing a lot of you doc. At least we won' t get lost