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Easy Vegan Spring Cooking
Registration required: 503 284 2795

Margo ‘s cooking classes are oriented towards well being and it is all natural and wholesome.

Margo received her introduction to complementary medicine when her own health problems caused her to turn to whole foods cooking, yoga , Shiatsu and reflexology.

As her interest in these areas increased and her health got stronger, she stopped her interior design career and made whole foods cooking and bodywork her main interest.She began experimenting with and learning about holistic approaches traveling and studying between Europe, Japan and the United States.

Margo currently has a practice of Shiatsu and reflexology in the NE and NW area. She also offers whole foods cooking instruction in the NE Laurelhurst area.

Cooking class including tasting : $ 40 per person

· Welcome with Healing tea KukiCha

· Miso Soup with benefit of Miso, with Mochi

· Pressed salad ( quick and healthful pickels)

· Couscous cake ( sugar free, dairy free)

· Tofu cheese

And a glass of organic, biodynamic wine from Bonterra Vineyards


Official Website: http://WWW.VINIDEUSBISTRO.COM

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