mission beach behind the roller coaster
San Diego, California 92121

Will likely be thronged with SD kids there to hear "that camera song" so buy yer tickets pre.

Yup, clear channel loves them now. Take that street scene!

w/ American Music Club
does anyone like them? i don't

Added by joonspoon on August 25, 2005



why oh why, can't they play somewhere better than that.


"why, can't they play somewhere better than that."?

you mean like los angeles? san francisco? budokan?

san diego ain't got much but canes is pretty much the top of the pops when you are talking soundsystem(though i haven't been to the new HOB).


the sound system at canes is vastly superior to both belly up and the casbah. canes, in general, is a shithole of epic proportions - mostly because of the parent company. but they did set up for music quite well.


if i get tixs


16/18 bucks... so pricey


$16 is cheap. they're famous.

quiiver, reckon you could hawk photos to tourists to help cashflow.