2322 2nd Ave
Seattle, Washington 98121

Spoils -- Go see them play. Milky Burgess on guitar with one of the wildest, maddest, most shred happy techniques, plus vocals which fall somewhere between John Fogerty and Prince. This is straight up freedom rock at it's best, destroying most throw back bands with much larger names.

Diminished Men -- Theatrical surf rock. Milky said not to call them theatrical. Dave (their drummer) said not to call them surf rock. They slay, psychedelic immensity of moving proportions and cool vibes with some theatrical aspects and some surf rock tones.

Wah Wah Exit Wound -- Psychedelic prog from the 1/2 Ass Universe.

Official Website: http://myspace.com/wahwahexitwound

Added by jaredemmett on March 20, 2007