1508 South St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19146

FRI 1/28
At Tritone (1508 South Street)
10PM, 7$, 21+

Utilizing an indie-pop sensibility that brings to mind the Flaming Lips and Pavement, their songs can send you careening into the heights of lysergic bliss or provide the catchiest vibes to shake your tail feather to. Either way, this six-piece outfit has the goods to deliver us all from the doldrums of banality.

ARTANKER CONVOY (NYC, Social Registry, ex-Stratotanker)
Artanker Convoy just want to make you dance in your shoes with their grooved out flavor that would fit in perfectly on a Soul Jazz Records compilation... Fans of !!!, Tussle, Outhud, ESG should check this out. (crashinin.com)

GOLDEN BROWN (As seen at the Vox Populi benefit)
Golden brown is 490 lbs of wound up, fuzzed out, cosmic garage rock. The Philadelphia-based trio uses organ, bass, and drums to create fluctuations in air pressure known as pressure waves... Especially sensitive listeners may detect in the pressure waves created by Golden B rown, pitches reminiscent of Soft Machine, Can, Stereolab and Sun Ra.

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