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The Psychedelic Rock Wranglers Ride Again...

(Los Angeles) – Described as a haunting & hallucinogenic, bluesy-shoegaze-psychedelic shootout, SPINDRIFT is hitting the dusty trail and coming to a town near you.

SPINDRIFT will kick off a coast-to-coast tour on Oct. 24th in the wild west town of Las Vegas, NV, and will continue through the southern states, up the east coast, through the Midwest and will end with a stop in Denver, CO, before returning to their home base Los Angeles. Along the way, they’ll share the stage with other musical outlaws including The Black Angels, Hopewell, Moccasin, and others. This month-long journey marks the most extensive tour yet for the band.

Comprised of current and former members of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Warlocks and other Los Angeles psychedelic veterans, SPINDRIFT’S music is laced with the ethereal echoes of Ennio Morricone, the dark shadows of The Doors and the halcyon haze of The Velvet Underground for a dangerous sonic concoction that was inspired as much by spaghetti western movies as it was by interstellar transport through new dimensions of time and space. The live show envelops the audience with a flood of sights and sounds that carries their congregation to the constellations while the wailing winds and peyote-swirling sounds ignite movies in one's mind.

"Truly out-of-sight, the seven-piece band celebrates the outlaw spirit with spooky, tripped-out variations on Ennio Morricone's spaghetti Western tradition. Live, they swirl and tremble like a lucid dream, banging a gong and shaking their tambourines for rattlesnake effect, jamming until the audience feels engulfed by a sandstorm."– Salt Lake City Weekly

"Spindrift stage experimental, epic, cinematically inspired music more akin to the textured, symphonic layers of Portishead than the chaps and 10-gallon hat–wearing Riders in the Sky….makes you feel like you've just been made love to by a handsome stranger, a genius visceral experience." – L.A. Weekly

"…saddle on up for the Spindrift experience, which is sure to feel like wandering out of the sun-baked dunes of Death Valley while clutching a Flying Burrito Brothers LP and gumming a mouthful of peyote." – Portland Mercury

"Thomas and his musical cohorts are creating a scene that embraces the outlaw…adding a psychedelic ingredient to the mix…he and other neo-cosmic cowboys have excavated an essence that seems more relevant today than ever before, a surreal and dark cowboy anti-hero for a spiritually and ethically decaying world." – L.A. Alternative

SPINDRIFT’s cinematic experience doesn’t end with their live performance. The band’s love of celluloid inspired them to embark on a vision quest of their own. Completed in August 2007, the feature film, “The Legend of God’s Gun” directed by Mike Bruce, in association with Spindrift, was recently picked up for theatrical and DVD distribution by Indican Pictures. At the heart of the artfully shot psychedelic western film, which follows a preacher-turned-gunslinger as he sets out for vengeance, is the stunning score by the band SPINDRIFT, whose soundtrack weaves a dusty backdrop to a story of sin and salvation in the wild West. Look for it in a theatre near you in 2008.

“To call it genius would be a gross understatement.”– Pop Matters

“…the astounding score by Thomas’ band Spindrift (so sonically right it’s frightening), … make for a movie that revives your faith in filmmaking.” – PopMatters

"Like El Topo on even more peyote, or a spaghetti western as directed by Kenneth Anger channeling Federico Fellini, The Legend of God's Gun is an absolute masterpiece..." – DVDTalk

"... what we have here is absolutely remarkable. Spindrift, a band led by actor/writer Thomas, recreates the Mediterranean musical vibe of this genre effortlessly, and their score is just sensational..." - DVDTalk



Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/thewest

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