00000 call 650.255.8947 for more info
San Francisco, California

5 dollar screening at 8pm
15 dollar concert at 10pm


Days before their performance at the Decibel festival, Speedy J and Scott Pagano will preview a 1 hour work, followed by a surround sound dance attack.

The screening is an intense 5.1 series of landscapes and strong textures; abstract stuff ranging from pulse dotted ambience to full on rotterdam-inspired industrial forcefulness. Scott Pagano contributes a tightly audio synced HD graphic video work composed for Speedy J's sound. The video work is the product of a recent trip to rotterdam where the two artist conceptualized and collected source material for complex animations. This will be released as a DVD on mute records this fall and is also being offered as a free download sponsored by the V2 institute for unstable media.

about SPEEDY J:
Novamute / Warp / Plus 8
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Rotterdam's Jocham Paap has had a production career with more twists and turns than an electric eel. From providing the beats and scratches for a local hip-hop outfit in the late '80s, to becoming a member of techno's hierarchy through releases on Plus 8 and Warp, then ripping the rule book to pieces via his jigsaw sound puzzles on Novamute and subsequently returning to the dance floor once more for 2002's "Loudboxer" opus and current "Collabs" (2004) 12" co-productions, he has steadfastly furrowed his own path of sonic exploration.

A perennial outsider for over fifteen years now, Speedy J has refused to play by the rules. Always keen to question, strip away the superfluous and develop new and often intriguing lexicons, Speedy J remains an anomaly and maverick; one of a select band prepared to explore the stratospheric possibilities of future technology and push electronic music towards its logical (and illogical) conclusions. His desire to tread new paths has witnessed astonishingly different landmarks, with his '90s output ranging from smooth, gliding techno, to incorporation of disjointed beats and industrial sound effects, at times defying the expectations of his audience and generally refusing to stand still. Speedy J brings this eclecticism to his live sets, with blistering towers of industrial noise, alien frequencies strafing the airwaves and a twisted funk all of its own, making him Rotterdam's most requested sound export.

Novamute Records
Los Angeles, USA

As filmmaker, motion designer, spatial reconstructionist, and graphic re-imager, Scott Pagano creates moving image content that touches the realms of architecture, communication, dysfunction, and futurism. His work focuses on developing an intense visual language to offer an alternative perspective on the multitude of graphic stratas that saturate our visual perception. With a strong desire to create striking content via non-dominant processes, he employs a host of custom image generation and processing tools developed in Max/Jitter, Houdini, and Maya to generate his unusual imagery. Along with a unique approach to process, he blends a deep experience using industry standard tools with the desire to push the boundaries of their dominant usage.

Combining a deep sensitivity to audio material with his visual techniques, his recent work delves into new ground of audiovisual synchronicity. His music video and motion artwork has been screened at festivals internationally, and he has worked with a wide range of notable musicians including BT, Funkstorung, Twerk, Richard Devine, Christopher Willits, Monolake, Deadbeat, Speedy J, Chris Liebing, Kid606, Joan Jeanrenaud, and the Kronos Quartet.

Official Website: http://www.recombinantmedia.net

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