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AmityZone is planning a summer of great events for your networking pleasure!

We kick off with a Speed Friending event at the Central Bar.

Central Bar is a sports bar/irish bar in east village. Aesthetically appealing, Central Bar has dark wood walls and tables, arched ceilings, elegant glass partitions, flat screen TVs, couches and seating area, and the food and service is wonderful. On thursday night, an awesome retro DJ comes on at 8:00 pm in the upstairs lounge. Ladies get $4 cocktails!
Here is what we will do at the Central Bar on Thursday, June 30, from 5:30 pm onwards:

We will play Speed Friending - a new way to meet friends and make connections. It's just like speed dating, but it's not about dating - it's about making friends!

When you arrive, we'll tell you if you'll be Station Masters or Movers. 4 to 10 "Stations" will be set up around the perimeter of the room. There will be 2 Station Masters at each. A whistle will be blown and Movers will go to a station for 5 minutes of chat time with each other and Station Masters. That's just enough time to 'vibe' with folks and see if maybe they might be someone you'd like to get to know as a friend.

When the whistle is blown again, the Movers will have to pick a different station to go to and meet the next set of Station Masters and Movers! Station Masters stay at their station. We'll give each of you a "My Favorites card" so you can write down usernames of potential friends. You'll be able to find them later at AmityZone.com.

After we complete the rounds of Speed Friending, we'll hang out and party!

Remember, this is not about dating, therefore awkwardness is not allowed! Girls and guys can talk to each other, girls and girls can talk to each other, and guys can even talk to guys!!

Find out who can help you learn that language you've always wanted to learn, who wants to see that new film noir, try that new club, restaurant or bistro. Hang out with people you met, introduce yourself to people. People you missed during the speed friending, keep in touch through AmityZone.com. Easy, simple, and fun!
So, come and be a part of something new and fun! RSVP now and tell your friends!

To RSVP now, Visit:
Note: Limited Spaces available! Get your tickets now, as there may be no spaces left! Prices at the door (if available) will be higher.We look forward to seeing you!

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