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Los Angeles, California 90036

Just finished reading Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince?

Can't wait a WHOLE month before talking to other fans about what it's contents mean for the fate of Harry?

Need other HP fans to compare and contrast the latest theories?

Did Jo break your brain and you need some support from fellow broken brain fans in an offline setting?

Oh yeah, want to do all this and pay very little or next to nothing while hanging in a place where people want you to stay as long as you like?

Then join the Los Angeles area Harry Potter Meet crew at the Historic Los Angeles Farmers Market next to The Grove.

This special meet is one week after the release of 6th book in the series. Further meet dates and times can be coordinated at such meet before the next regular monthly meet happens.

Our regular meet date is every 2nd Saturday of every month, at 12 noon in L.A.'s Farmers Market.

Show up early to get your grub!

Added by HP_LosAngeles on June 6, 2005



Is anyone going to attend this? I am a reporter at the Los Angeles Daily News lookinf for fans. Please contact me by July 19 at 818-802-4376 or at [email protected]


Oops, by July 18. thanks a million.