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"If all the world's a stage, how well do you present yourself when you are in the spotlight?"

By popular demand, Speaker Trainer Extraordinaire Lura Dolas returns to Citizen Space to conduct one final workshop in SF before setting off for the summer to head up UC Berkeley's Theater Program in London.

So, if you...

• Want to brush up on your public speaking skills...
• Find networking events incredibly nerve-racking....
• Feel you aren't going into job interviews with enough confidence....
• Have an important pitch to VC's coming up
• OR, just want to better convey whatever it is you’re passionate about…

…Then this Speaker Training Workshop is for you!

Regardless of whether the title on your card reads CEO or Assistant to the CEO, CTO or Programmer, VP of This or Associate of That, you’ll always have a message to convey. And no matter the size of your audience or the length of your presentation--be it a 30-second elevator pitch to one or a 30-minute keynote speech to hundreds-- it’s still an opportunity to present your best, most successful self.

And it’s because Lura has helped us at Citizen Space in learning to do just that that we keep inviting her back!

For a glimpse at how Lura has been sharing the skills of the stage with those of us who “perform” in other walks of life, check out the “Making One’s Case” section in this recent profile piece on her: http://luradolas.com/press.html

Better yet, join us on June 2nd to learn some of these techniques first-hand!

The cost of this full-day seminar is $99. At this price, not only do you get to work with Lura at a fraction of her usual rate, you get the added bonus of having an audience of your peers to practice with. Of course, it is totally your choice whether to take advantage of this perk. Yet as one who signed up for the first workshop wanting only to sit, watch, and listen, not an hour had passed before I was enthusiastically volunteering “to go next.”

Click here to register: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/57479924

I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about this workshop, so feel free to call me, Tara Anderson, at 415-717-5339, or to write me at “tarachka” here at upcoming.org

Official Website: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/57479924

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Tara says that now is the time to register if you want to get in! I'm looking forward to it, join me!


I took this class from lura, and can't say enough good about it. It is fun, and puts you in touch with your genuine voice, which you can carry into any situation. Lura shares simple, effective techniques and insights which will improve your presentation skills manyfold.

Don't miss out on the chance to learn from one of the most engaging, personable, fascinating and nurturing educators around.

Lura, by the way, is one of the Bay Area's most sought after Shakespeare interpreters. How does the Bard measure up to PowerPoint?


This looks very useful. I'm sure I could use this myself. However, Saturdays are climbing days for me so I'm out.


This looks very useful. I'm sure I could use this myself. However, Saturdays are climbing days for me so I'm out.


I hope I can make it to this workshop. Any time you can learn to speak in public and become a confident speaker is a good opportunity to advance. I've also just purchased a wonderful book on the topic by Harrison Monarth and Dr. Larina Kase, called 'The Confident Speaker'. I got it at www.amazon.com