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Do you:
* have an important pitch to VC's coming up?
* need to brush up on your public speaking skills?
* find networking events incredibly nerve-wracking?
* feel that you aren't confidently going into job interviews?
* just want to find more confidence to talk about what you are passionate about?

Well then, this Speaker Training Workshop with Lura Dolas is exactly what you need!

Instructor: Lura Dolas, Speaker Trainer Extraordinaire

Description: Whether you’re the chairman of the board or a rising star on the sales team, you have a message to convey. Your format may be a 30-second elevator pitch or a 30-minute keynote speech, a motivational address to hundreds of employees or a persuasive talk to a small group of skeptical investors. But it’s always an opportunity to present your best, most successful self.

This full-day seminar is a real deal at $99. Lura's one-on-one rate is $150/hour. That makes this seminar almost 1/10th of her price + you will get the bonus of practicing in front of a group of peers.

Register here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/57479924

(don't worry, they are all as nervous as you) ;)

Official Website: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/54027598

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I'd love to go, but unfortunately i'm going to be speaking at a conference that day. Will there be more in the future?


We are going to try! :)

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