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We’re just starting to make arrangements for the next Speakeasy Club meeting.

Just to remind you that the thinking behind Speakeasy Club is to provide an informal forum for novices keen to experience what it’s like to get up and speak in front of an audience; as well as offering more experienced speakers a chance to brush up on their skills.

There’s no doubt lots of people (ourselves included) still feel uncomfortable about the idea of speaking in public. And in day-to-day life there are relatively few opportunities to practise the art before having to do it “for real”! That’s where we hope the Speakeasy Club will come into its own by offering a relaxed and supportive environment in which to practise and improve.

What To Expect

The meetings are a combination of two or three prepared speeches complemented by a series of impromptu speaking exercises when those attending will be encouraged to make off-the-cuff contributions. But rest assured, there’s no pressure to take part in any activity although, obviously, the more one participates the more confident a speaker one becomes (or that’s the idea!)

The September 18 meeting will also include a session dedicated to exchanging ideas on what you personally would like to see the Speakeasy Club provide and how the club can expand and develop.

At the end of the meeting, we’ll be heading off to a nearby hostelry to demonstrate our newly-improved speaking skills; and to network – which we see as being an integral part of the evening.

Ways To Help

We’re currently looking for volunteers to take on roles at the September 18 meeting. How do you fancy making a short speech (five minutes or so) on any topic you like? Or perhaps you would like to help in some other way?

Please get in touch for more details.

Curtis James. 07867 804353. [email protected]
Peter Lilley. 07976 352458. [email protected]

We very much hope to see you at the meeting on Thursday September 18 and, by all means, bring along a friend (or two!) The cost is £5 on the door.

Curtis & Peter

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Added by Curtis James on August 28, 2008