279 Church St
New York City, New York

MONDAY MAY 15th. Doors open at 7:15, movie starts at 7:45, $5 at the
Location: Collective: Unconscious 279 Church Street, New York, NY
10013 - across from the Tribeca Grand

On May 15th, Speakeasy Cinema will have two guests,
director-producer-actors Susan Buice and Arin Crumley, to present a
secret film of their choosing followed by a discussion of the film that
will bring about a greater appreciation of cinema and break the fourth
wall. As always, you will have to be there to find out what the
surprise film is.

Susan Buice and Arin Crumley independently produced FOUR EYED MONSTERS
- a film which chronicles the transformation of their own online
romance into a real one. When they began their relationship, they
swore to only communicate through artistic mediums in a hope to have a
more hightened sense of communication. They wrote notes, drew pictures
and created videos for each other, but never actually spoke in person
for 4 months. FOUR EYED MONSTERS presents a very personal and an
internal perspective of real life merged with fiction. Since it's debut
at Slamdance 2005, F.E.M. has garnered praise from every corner of the
film industry and festival circuit. It is set for release this summer
and to find out more, check out Susan and Arin's very cool website

Speakeasy Cinema has a few rules:
1) our guests bring a film and no one one knows what it is until the
lights dim
2) the film can't be a film the guests worked on, only a film they love
or hate, think is important, inspiring and want to talk about
3) after the film, the audiences and the filmmakers share their
experiences watching the film. We talk about ART.
4) industry talk is verboten!
5) we can drink in this theater, so please bring a bottle to share with
your friends and the people around you! (We provide the corkscrew and
the glasses)
6) we do it the third Monday of every month

So far, we have had amazing guests, Tom Gilroy, and Peter Mattai,
screened the amazing and rare films AMERICAN JOB and SONGS FROM THE
SECOND FLOOR. We have had intense, personal and far ranging
conversations. Starting with Speakeasy Cinema #3, you'll have a chance
to jot down some notes about the films and the experience of watching
and talking about the films together at

SPEAKEASY CINEMA is created, produced and hosted by Matt Kohn director
of the feature documentary Call it Democracy. It is co-produced by
Eddie Gilbert Herch, dramaturge from the Fifth Night Screenplay Series,
and the Collective Unconscious. It is supported by Shootingpeople.com,
the AIVF.

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