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Speak Your Business in Under 60 Seconds
Special Guest Presenter: Cheryl Liquori of "Off the Chart Marketing"

Have you ever found yourself flustered in a situation where you have to present your business?
Don’t get caught “flat footed” again. There are actually tried and true methods to attract the right kind of attention. There are classic pitfalls to avoid. There are best practices to express your self and get more of the right kind of clients.

This monthly Meetup has six topics that repeat in a cycle. In each clinic you will get a little bit of information from a marketing professional and have ample time to practice or work on your piece. You will be working in small, facilitated groups so that you get plenty of feedback. True to the nature of this group we will always be openly discussing and shifting any belief patterns that may be limiting you from what you would like to experience, or that are just plain outdated.
Come and gain the nitty gritty knowledge of marketing; practice and get feedback so that you never feel isolated or alone again.

(1) Speak Your Business in Under 60 Seconds: This clinic works a little bit on articulating your position and then dives into elevator pitches (also known as an audio logo). You will learn methodology advocated by well known marketing gurus to attract the right kind of attention on your business. Ample time has been allotted for each participant to articulate and practice presenting their business.

2) Productive Marketing Conversations: Picking up where “Speak your business in under 60 seconds” left off, we will review a little bit of the positioning information and then move into delivering audio logos in more casual situations where people ask you, “What do you do?”
3) Your 8-15 Minutes of Fame. As business owners we are sometimes asked to present for a short amount of time. This can cause panic even from people who are relatively good speakers. “What should I talk about?” is the common quandary. Learn what are the elements of a solid, engaging, talk that positions your business correctly. Learn how to “Start with the ‘Close’” and have a next step ready for your audience so that you don’t waste the wow.
4) Biographies that Generate Interest. What is important in a good biography? How do you engage people’s interest, include your qualifications AND still seem approachable. There is such a thing as good marketing syntax even and especially here.
5) Telling Your Business Story. People love stories. One way to attract people’s interest and connect on-line or through print is to create and publicize your story. Learn what elements go into creating a powerful story – everyone has one, whether they know it or not.
6) Your Business Profile and Home Page. How do you summarize your business when space and attention are limited. What elements are important to include and in what order. Learn tips of the trade to catch and maintain the interest of your target market.
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