567 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Certified Bananas (DJ P. Nice and Audiovandal) are back for what the Phoenix calls "Cambridge's best anything-goes hip-hop night," mixing up rap, pop, reggaeton, dancehall, 90's jams, rock and anything else to make you shake that shit. The boys will be manning the decks 100% CB style--DOIN' IT TIL THE BED BREAK. it will just be a the regular debaucherous explosion of rap and every other genre of music under the sun all focused on making the party people have dance anuerisms.
Some mixes from the CB crew

Spank Rock consists of Naeem Juwan linked up with Baltimore native, producer, and long time friend, Alex Epton (aka xxxchange). The two share a deep love of rap music, and Naeem Juwan rhymes over their esoteric mix of dance music, punk rock and electro. Thus Spank Rock was born. They have already performed with Beans, MIA, and Hollertronix. Juwan's friendship with hollertronix. They signed with Ninja Tune/ Big Dada In late 2004 and been have since been up and down the coast.
Mp3s courtesy of Hype Machine

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For the next week (or so), it looks like Spank Rock was featured on BBC Radio's "Breezeblock" show w/Mary Anne Hobbs: