Silk Street
London, England EC2Y 8DS

Two films documenting architectural alternatives. A countercultural response to Buckminster Fuller.

Buckminster Fuller Meets the Hippies

Rare documentation of a conversation on utopian aspirations, rational design, and Spaceship Earth as Bucky speaks to a group assembled on Hippie Hill, San Francisco, at the height of the counterculture movement.

This excerpt from a much longer recording, probably made for public access or student TV, serves as a compelling, if lo-fi, glimpse of a very particular moment in time and thought.

US 1966 Unknown director 30 min excerpt.


Counter Communities

Artist Croy and architect Elser chart the contemporary legacy of the ‘utopian tendencies’ born of America’s 1960s alternative movements. Depicting five experimental architecture projects (Arcosanti; Earthships; The Lama Foundation; Nader Khalili and LA’s Dome Village) in their pioneers’ own words, the documentary examines applied utopian thinking in both built structures and concurrent ways of living, from a desert megastructure to a homestead inspired by ancient Persia and NASA research.

US/Germany 2003 Dirs. Oliver Croy & Oliver Elser 59 min.

Curated by The Architecture Foundation

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