south park
San Francisco, California

his year, the official Web 2.0 Expo party will be something different. How better to celebrate the spirit of Web 2.0 than to take over the “lunchroom of the web”: San Francisco’s South Park? This charming and unassuming urban park is where it all started: it was the address to have in the nineties if you were going to make it on the web, and the lawn in front of the burrito place has probably seen more deals than any blades of grass ever hoped to. You knew the bubble had burst when there were no lines at Café Centro. Now it’s back, and it’s not just the home of Twitter, Adaptive Path, RubyRed Labs, and Wikipedia; it’s also a fantastic place to have a party.

On the evening of the first day of the full conference, local Web 2.0 companies and sponsors hosting from popular South Park restaurants (and the park itself) will open their doors to conference attendees for the biggest and best party of the year. Attendees will arrive with a map of the participating venues and a mission to eat, drink and network.

This networking event is open to conference attendees only.

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