2908 Fruth St
Austin, Texas

So, there's a big gap on Monday's programming, so I'm heading up to one of my favorite areas -- Guadalupe near 30th (right next to campus).
And I thought others might want to get away from downtown and join me!
I will eat at Ruby's (Mike Monteiro says their home fries are great!):
I will shop at Toy Joy:
I will drink coffee and/or beer at Spider House (the best "back patio" in Austin:

So if you wanna get away from the conference and bounce around other parts of Austin, come along!

You will need a car or taxi to get there. I can take a few people...

I don't know the exact order of events, but I suspect we'll get to Ruby's around 12noon, Toy Joy around 1:00-1:30, and Spider House around 2:30p.

Let's meet in the "hallway", and then head over. Andy and I can drive.

Let's leave the building around 11:30, and aim to sit down at Ruby's around 12noon.

If we need more vehicles, it should be easy to get a cab at the Hilton.

Let's aim for Ruby's at 12noon!

Added by peterme on March 13, 2006



will bring enrique.


I happen to be in town, so I'll come, too!

I have a car for those who are carless.


Great idea. For my money, there's more Austin in this one-block area than in all of downtown around the conference center.


When I lived here, they had hands-down the greatest home fries in the world. Fingers crossed.


btw, we're heading over there now and skipping the conference, though i have to be back for an interview at 1.


I'll be there a little late, bicycling!


I did it in reverse order, beautiful ride up the creekside, caught the gang at JoyToys, then did Ruby's on my own. Thanks for organizing!