850 Russet Dr
Sunnyvale, California

Come join your friends, crushes, and lovers of consumating in a picnic in a beautiful park in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Location is tentative and may change, but will be nearby. Watch this space.

Official Website: http://www.consumating.com/profiles/Mace_Elaine/topics?id=35919

Added by apollo on August 10, 2006



This event is out of my control!!!


Well, see what happens with a good idea? We grab it and run with it!


I would totally be there if I weren't going to be in Tahoe that weekend. I'll have to send hugs along with Carla.


I'm so excited! I'm offering drives down to Sunnyvale. So far Pepperella is coming along!


I'm pretty iffy on this one, folks. If I don't make it I will definitely miss you!


yayyy! i'm hitching a ride with carla and pepperella. two hot mamas and an asian girl. watch out!


That was very fun. As soon as I find my camera cable, we'll have hot flickr action.


that was super fun. and i hardly had any dinner, i ate so much. that never happens!