1875 South Bascom Ave., Suite 112,
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Location: Coffee Society Pruneyard
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When: Tuesday, December 6, 6:30pm
Phone: (408) 377-7734
Welcome to Book Club #10

Book: Fahrenheit 451

Author: Ray Bradbury

Pages: 192, Paperback

"Fahrenheit 451 is set in a grim alternate-future setting ruled by a tyrannical government in which firemen as we understand them no longer exist: Here, firemen don't douse fires, they ignite them. And they do this specifically in homes that house the most evil of evils: books.
Books are illegal in Bradbury's world, but books are not what his fictional -- yet extremely plausible -- government fears: They fear the knowledge one pulls from books. Through the government's incessant preaching, the inhabitants of this place have come to loathe books and fear those who keep and attempt to read them. They see such people as eccentric, dangerous, and threatening to the tranquility of their state.

But one day a fireman named Montag meets a young girl who demonstrates to him the beauty of books, of knowledge, of conceiving and sharing ideas; she wakes him up, changing his life forever. When Montag's previously held ideology comes crashing down around him, he is forced to reconsider the meaning of his existence and the part he plays. After Montag discovers that "all isn't well with the world," he sets out to make things right. A brilliant and frightening novel, Fahrenheit 451 is the classic narrative about censorship; utterly chilling in its implications..."

Read more from the description at Barnesandnoble.com
If you like the book, read and then attend. I am not expecting 100% participation at every book club meeting. Just come to the ones you like. Get the book any way you like...library, buy, borrow, or used. Its your choice. Paperback or hardcover whatever works.

Just a reminder, this group is low-key so don't expect a deep
literary discussion. We read the book, attend meeting, and discuss the questions from the reading guide (www.readinggroupguides.com or other source) while enjoying the social setting.

We are looking for dedicated readers of all ages. All we ask is that you RESPOND to whether you will be there or not via "evite" invitation and cancel early if you can't make it or finish book in time.

Thanks again.

South Bay Book Club
Marlene Backes, Clive Charlwood, and Wayland Quon

TO SIGN UP: send an email to [email protected]

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Does Club #10 meet at different locations or is always at the S. Bascom address?

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