446 Valencia at 16th
San Francisco, California 94103

Bringing our ecological environment onto the sonic stage. New York artist Andrea Polli explores the visual and sonic wonder of Antarctica collecting weather data sonifications and exposing our global climate change. Composers Jonny Farrow and Edmund Mooney creates awe-inspiring “Shadow Music” based on field recordings and objects from deep listening soundwalks wih an interplay of light, sound and movement. Andrea Polli will discuss her sound work in the Antarctic and Jonny Farrow and Ed Mooney will discuss how acoustic ecology becomes the foundations of their work following performances.

Soundwave is a multi-venue and multi-date festival happening over the span of two months every two years in San Francisco USA. Each season investigates a new idea in sound and invites diverse multidisciplinary artists and musicians to explore the season's theme in new and innovative directions. It challenges and inspires artists and audiences to look deeper into the sound medium and discover new connections to sound making and the sound experience. In its third season, the series has completed two successful seasons, Season 2's SURROUND>SOUND in 2006 and Season 1's FREE>SOUND in 2004. The project was recently named 'Best Sound Sculptures – Future Classic' by San Francisco Magazine's BEST of 2007 issue.

Official Website: http://projectsoundwave.me-di-ate.net/series/

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