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Re-Sonic recalibrates our minds to sonic recycling, reinvention and reusing. Artist Alyce Santoro is the creator of SONIC FABRIC, a beautiful, audible textile woven from salvaged audiocassette tape dubbed with multi-track collages of meticulously collected, looped, and layered samples. Santoro creates shaman/superhero-style garments and flags made of SONIC FABRIC and performs by wearing or carrying garments while holding with a portable “reader” device that consists of a tape head to run over the garments’ surface. Santoro’s performance of SONIC FABRIC explores the issues of recycling, adapting and creative repurposing of a ubiquitous material that is quickly becoming outmoded. It is also about stored memory, savoring the sounds of a planet in peril, and the strange and subtle harmonies that exist all around us. After the performance, Alyce with lead an artist talk and audience–interactive demonstrations.

Artist Joshua Churchill explores an immersive audio environment comprised of various field recordings of nature that he has collected around the world over the last decade, bringing attention to the complicated and often detrimental relationship between natural environments and modern urban development. As the recordings play, they will be sampled live and replayed using multiple tape recorders in a continuous cycle, causing the previously recognizable sounds of nature to gradually distort and abstract throughout the performance.

Experimental artist Thomas Carnacki tackles the concept of repurposing in a new green performance.

Infoline: 415.320.6685 or [email protected]

Official Website: http://www.projectsoundwave.com

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