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Ground/Shift explores the Earth’s shifts and swells, from natural phenomenon to our inherent human connections. Artist Jim Haynes creates ‘Terminal’, based upon thermal vents, boiling springs, and geyser activity at the Lassen Volcano National Park. Haynes explores the beautiful alien and profoundly unsettling Lassen’s thermal vents, which effectively eradicate the Sierra woodland and replace it with a unique self-contained ecosystem of lichens, bacteria, plants, and insects tolerant of these seemingly inhos­pitable locales. Haynes amplifies the sublime nature of these sites, presenting a phenomologi­cal piece of expressionism with a variety of found objects like sand, rocks, rusted metal. Haynes will conduct an artist talk of his work after the performances.

Sound and Video Artist Lissom conjures ‘Intrinsic’, a plurimedia meditation on the illusory boundaries between our environment and ourselves. Drawing from a collection of sounds and images that explore organic form and emptiness, it is designed to envelop us in a space where we can examine, and perhaps dissolve our dividing perceptions.

Shores (percussion, guitar, bass, effects, cymbals, vocals, electronics, turntables, didgeridoos) will be collaborating with filmmaker Jaakko Vilpponen to perform an audio-visual documentary on environmental experience. Set to film footage from Bay Area shorelines, this score will explore the relationship between human consciousness and natural environments. Its first movment “Reflection” explores preserved environments, and the effects they have upon us; the second movement “Refraction” surveys how polluted environments affect us, and we them. Shores conceives these processes as fundamental to the process of learning how to listen to Nature, how to open our electric selves and consciousness to the organic experience of an environment.

Infoline: 415.320.6685 or [email protected]

Official Website: http://www.projectsoundwave.com

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