2948 16th Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Tall tales from the third rock from the Sun. Sound artist Jay Kreimer becomes a sound farmer conducting live and recorded sounds and audience members playing the handmade instruments. “Green Corn and the City” is an innovative audience-interactive composition and installation exploring the minute sounds in our environment and the human intervention of these sounds. Using three sets of sound sources: field recordings of growing corn, live sound feeds from a piezo-wired performance space, and the sounds of handmade musically instruments, mostly constructed from repurposed materials such as weed wacker cord remnants, hollow core doors, old return springs from lawn mowers.

Composer Paul Rudy and Video artist Peter Rand presents “Gaia/Sophia Stories”, a new composition finding the voice of the earth. Gaia is the Greek deity of the earth and Sophia the goddess of wisdom. Rudy explores his personal journey to learn the songs of mother earth, and invite listeners to take a closer look of their interaction with our planet. The performance uses vocalizations, drums, singing bowls, rattles, cactus and other small instruments, and live video by artist Peter Rand exploring wind, rain and clouds. Sonic duo AmbientBlack conjures “Green Electrons” investigating social and environmental responsibilities using a variety of electronic devices, resulting in a two-dimensional sonic tapestry. For centuries, electrons created technologies that assist us and have adverse consequences on our social fabric, communications, health, and environment. AmbientBlack explores electrons that are “green” not by their nature but by virtue of their application. Kriemer and Rudy will conduct artist talks of their work after the performances.

Infoline: 415.320.6685 or [email protected]

Official Website: http://www.projectsoundwave.com

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