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Drums of Ecstasy and the mesmerizing Fan Dance are among the repertoire of Sounds of Korea. Interpreting folk music and music of the classical Korean court, this ensemble uses a wide variety of beautifully crafted instruments and colorful costumes in a stunning presentation of traditional performances.

Sounds of Korea is the performing group of the New York-based Korean Traditional Performing Arts Association (KTPAA), which consists of a Dance Troupe, an Instrumental Chamber Ensemble and a Percussion Ensemble. Sounds of Korea specializes in Korean traditional performing arts, the repertoire of which spans a vast range of styles and settings, from classical court music and dance traditions, to theatrical masked dances, popular narrative vocal arts, solo instrumental folk genres as well as farmer’s percussion music and dances. Under the direction of dancer Sue Yeon Park, and composer/ethnomusicologist Ju-Yong Ha, the organization has long hosted and performed in major concert venues around the northeast, including Lincoln Center and various national festival stages.

Official Website: http://events.caltech.edu/

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