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Don’t just be an ‘X’ in a box

SFTOC RETURN once more. Along with Helen-Lois they curate an all-encompassing event that will alter how you experience a conventional gig. Changing your situation & your vantage point performance art collective Topical Jungle & the post-apocalyptic ways of Kazimer’s Dogshow will take you into another dimension as you experience this event which aims to immerse both artists & audience.

This will be a gig, this will be a party, this will be Sounds From the Other City in one building.

Dogshow: concoct a post-apocalyptic fantasy parade on rusty left-for-dead instruments, not a band to conform, or even stop to figure out who they sound like, their music is a well-travelled sound made from influences across the world, past present & future. Surrender yourself hypnotised & succumb as you are pulled into the vortex.

Topical Jungle: winners of the Wolfganger Art Prize in 2012 are an art collective comprising of 6. They engage in art practice both collaboratively & individually; exploring the relationships between the group & the individual, between reality & fiction, between natural & performed activity & most interestingly between audience & performer.

Helen-Lois: a curatorial duo once described as a powerful force of nature, akin to a cyclone in a sea of art wine. They believe art is no longer just about the static show & question, what exactly does happen when all boundaries are put to one side & there is no longer one place to present art & one place to view it?

The audience becomes more integral than they've ever been. It's time to curate the audience & make their role as important as any. The audience are curators too. This event will bring together these multi-disciplinary artists into an event that’s main focus is YOU. Don’t disappear into the masses. It's easy to take control when you're only surrounded by yourselves

Official Website: http://crd.fm/2DB

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