1087 Queen St. West
Toronto, Ontario

Preceded at 7 pm with a panel discussion on the role of collaboration in media art creation.

Collaboration in media art might involve a division of labour but not in the conventional sense where the artists come from different artistic disciplines. Today, the division of labour is more fluid and the notion of which artist is responsible for which part of the work is not always as clear. This is evident with Ian Birse and Laura Kavanagh who have both been collaborating together on both audio and video components of their work for some time now.

and they threw his singing head into the sea by Daniel Blinkhorn
The Sound of Flicker by triosnow (Micheal Snow, Aleck Snow & John Kamevaar)
Song Cycle for Haruki Murakami by Matthew Dotson & Bart Woodstrup
Union by Rob Piilone & Matt Miller
HEAD! SMASHED! IN! BUFFALO! JUMP! by Ian Birse & Laura Kavanagh

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Plus Entity Mulheim Installation
by Marc Behrens
also at the theatre Centre

Entity Mülheim is an audiovisual installation that has also been issued as a double DVD release. The entity referred to in the piece is a district of Cologne, characterized in two ways: through two individuals, who could be regarded as typical for the two biggest population groups in Mülheim (on the one hand the German population, on the other hand the Turkish immigrants respectively the integrated Turkish-Germans, first through third generation) and by its architectural and urban conditions. The latter are also affected by social and economic circumstances.

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