Dorotheenstrasse 90
Berlin, Bundesland Berlin 10117

The moment we have been waiting for is finally here, it's time to let SoundCloud out into the world. We want to do this with a bang during Popkomm in Berlin and we want to do it together with you! So we teamed up with our friends at club PICKNICK to throw one eclectic evening of music, dancing and celebration. This is what is going to happen:

Doors open at 23:00 and we promise not to close until people decide to go home. There will be a lot of kick-ass acts performing throughout the night, straigt out of Tel Aviv Guy J will perform his first DJ set in Germany ever and Remute, that has a history on labels like Turbo and 1x1, will come and play one of his killer live sets. 00:00 will be the time for a special surprise, probably the highlight of Popkomm and maybe even the whole year.

Also, up and coming techno stars Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid will play a bleeding dj set including a 909 and Elias and Yourhighness from Rollerboys will play sweaty disco upstairs. For the complete line up check:

Ok, this is what happens in short:

SoundCloud Official Releaseparty
Dorotheenstrasse 90, Berlin
Doors open 23:00, open end

See you in the cloud,
Alex, Dave, Eric, Hannes, Henrik, Katharina, Matas, Nils & Sean

Full lineup

Downstairs electrics with:
Guy J (Bedrock, Tel Aviv)
Remute Live! (Turbo, 1x1, Belgrade, Hamburg)
James Blonde (MBF, Konsequenz, Berlin)
DJ Humus (Half Off, Berlin)

Upstairs disco madness with:
Yourhighness (Ultracity / Rollerboys Recordings, Stockholm)
Elias (Ultracity / Rollerboys Recordings / Arken, Stockholm)
Olof Dohnhammar (Klikkboxning, Plejour Audio, Uppsala)
Anders Ivarsson (Dynamic, Uppsala)

La Fleur's outside b-day bash:
Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid (Stockholm LTD, Islands & Islets, Stockholm)
Adeline Supreme (Housewives, Stockholm)
DJ NIBC (Trunkfunk, Gothenburg)
La Fleur (Housewives, Stockholm)
Carolina Acosta (Glitz, Stockholm)

Official Website:

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